Internship Programme

Madhyam Foundation has been hosting students from different foreign/Indian universities to do Internship during summer vacation .In the past, following students did their internship under the guidance of Mr S K Singhdeo, Executive Director and completed research papers which have since been published by Madhyam.

Urban micro-finance in Odisha: a case study of Bhubaneswar city by Mr Benjamin J Williams, American University, Washington DC, USA(June-July,2010)

Health and Human security: a case study of Odisha by Ms Jenifer M. Van Nortwick, American University, USA


A client satisfaction survey of micro-finance clients by Ms Katrina Shankle, American University, USA( July-September,2010)


The role of Non-government organizations in international norm diffusion: Experience from Odisha by Ms Allison Glass, American University, USA (June-July,2012)



Network mode of working among NGOs in Odisha: Trends, issues and challenges by Ms Molly O’Connor, American University, USA(June-July,2012)



Odisha’s quest for inclusive growth: trends during post-liberalization period( 1998-2012) by Ms Farah Mendjour, Oxford University, UK( October-December,2013)


Are Self Help Groups at a cross road in Odisha; an exploratory study by Ms Devika Mohapatra( August-September,2013)


“Does increase in income of women lead to their improved status in family and community?” - An exploratory study in three districts of Odisha State in India, by Ms. Emma Yingst, Undergraduate student, School of International Service, American University, Washington DC, USA (May- June 2017)