Ongoing Projects:

  • Project Sahajog                      
  • MKSP-SODI                                                 
  • MKSP- Madhyam                            
  • Project Salila                                    
  • Project Sabuja                                                                                                
  • Project Samartha
  • Project Sambhabana



 (Promoting Diversion based irrigation)
Supported by:   Tata Trusts, Mumbai
Amount of support: Rupees 1.13 crore
Period: December, 2015 – November, 2018
Objective: To provide irrigation facilities round the year to 212 acres of land belonging to 178 tribal families in Ranpur block of Nayagarh district of Odisha State
Activities: Setting up of 15 diversion based irrigation structures and training on inter cropping, SRI paddy cultivation, Promotion of organic cultivation and Seed bank and promotion of a Farmer Producer Company.



(Enhancing Livelihood Security of tribal households and labour migrants through innovative agricultural practices)
Supported by: AWO International, Germany
Amount of support: Rupees 197,36,074
Period- Jan, 2015 – Dec, 2017
Area of operation: 35 villages in G. Udayagiri block of Kandhamal district in Odisha
Key activity:  Promoting SRI-Paddy cultivation, Organic vegetable cultivation, tuber crops, turmeric, kitchen garden, Promoting diversion based irrigation, strengthen migrants workers and PRI representatives. 



(Skill Building Project for Rural Youth )
Supported by: Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India through Govt. of Odisha  (DDU-GKY scheme)
Amount of support: Rupees 3.99 crore
Period- Jan, 2017 –  Dec, 2017
Target group:   510 rural and Tribal youths to be trained on BPO, Agriculture extension work, Ac repairing and Sewing Machine Operation and placed with different companies.



“Increasing productivity of Rice based cropping systems & Farmer’s income in Odisha”

Supported by: IRRI, Philippines
Amount of support: Rupees 35 Lakh
Period- 15th December 2016  –  31st March 2021
Main objective:  I) to profile the risk taking capacity of farmers & understand responses to risk and uncertainty in rice farming and II) to analyze the current status of crop insurance and social acceptance of insurance product.


Enhanced Livelihood Security for Marginalized tribal households and labour migrants through innovative agriculture in Malkangiri district of Odisha:
Supported by: AWO International, Germany
Amount of support: Rupees 1.48 crore
Project Period: January, 2017 –December, 2021
Key activity: The project aims to increase household level food security, enhance household level income, reduce vulnerability of distressed migrants and minimize gender based discrimination among 3,000 targeted households.


(Special Programme for promotion of Millets in Tribal Areas of Odisha)

Supported by: Government of Odisha
Amount of support: Rupees …………………………
Period- 1st June, 2017 – Dec, 2021
Area of operation: Khairput block of Malkangiri district in Odisha
Key activity: 

  • Pilot project on Small land, Big Farm in Taraboisasan of Nimapara block, Puri District, Odisha( Oct,16—September,17)

  Supported by IRRI, Philippines
Amount: Rs 6.50 lakh




Promoting Livelihood Security through Vegetable grower co-operatives in Khurdha, Malkangiri and Kalahandi districts of Odisha:
Supported by: AWO International, Germany
Amount of support: Rupees 1.70 crore
Project Period: (January, 2017 –December, 2019)
In Collaboration with 8 partner NGOs from 3 districts of Odisha
Key activity: Promote livelihood security of 5,000 women vegetable growers and collectivize them into 20 vegetable growers’ co-operatives with social protection of women vegetable growers and minimizing gender based discrimination.

  • MKSP-SODI Project

Project on Promoting livelihood security among 13,200 women farmers of South Odisha:
Supported by: Government of India and Tata Trusts
Amount of support: Rupees 18. 55 crore
Duration: July, 2013—June, 2018
Key activity: Promotion of SRI, vegetable cultivation, cultivation of pulses, millets and tuber crops (in collaboration with 5 Partner NGOs). The primary objective of MKSP is to empower women in agriculture by strengthening community institutions of poor women farmers and leverage their strength to promote sustainable agriculture.


  • MKSP- Madhyam Project

Project on Empowering 6,000 women farmers in three districts of Odisha:
Supported by: Government of India and Odisha State Government
Amount of support: Rupees 4,19,00,000
Duration: July, 2013—March, 2018
Key activity: Promotion of SRI and vegetable cultivation and setting up Producer Co-operatives. The main focus of the project is to ensure food security of the women farmers, enhance household level income and promote strong vibrant community based institutions of women farmers for improving their collective bargaining power.


Experience of implementing CSR projects:

    • In FY 2014-15, we received an amount of Rs 6.50 lakh from BOB Capital, Mumbai to install a Drinking water plant in a tribal residential school in Khandagiri area of Bhubaneswar city
    • ONGC has sanctioned an amount of Rs 12.85 lakh to set up a Drinking water project in Tenda village of Balasore distrct in Odisha( Jan,17—Dec,17)